Meet Your 2014 Candidates!

Election campaigning has started today! Here is the list of the candidates running for the positions. Have a look at their manifestos and get ready to vote, when it opens on Thursday!

See candidates’ manifestos for:


Activities and Opportunities Officer

Campaigns and Democracy Officer

Undergraduate Education Officer

Postgraduate Education Officer

Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer


Environment Officer

Ethical Issues Officer

LGBT+ Officer

Mature Students’ Officer

Women’s Officer

Student with Disabilities Officer

Non-Portfolio Officer


Nominations for the Main Elections

Are you interested in representing and campaigning with and on behalf of your fellow students?

You can stand in our upcoming Student Elections to be either a Part Time or Full Time Officer. Nominations open on Monday 24th February and will close on Wednesday 5th March.

There are 5 Full Time Officer positions available, each is a paid role and you can do it as a sabbatical year out of your studies, or if you’re graduating this year you can complete a year in office as your first full time job!

The five full time positions available are:

Undergraduate Education Officer

Postgraduate Education Officer

Welfare Community and Diversity Officer

Activities and Opportunities Officer

Campaigns and Democracy Officer

There are 12 Part Time Officer roles available. Part Time Officers are volunteers and focus on campaigning and representing students based on the nature of their portfolio. The 12 roles available are:

Environment Officer

Ethical Issues Officer

4 x Non-Portfolio Officers

Women’s Officer

LGBT+ Officer

Students with Disabilities Officer

Ethnic Minorities Officer

Mature Students Officer

International Officer

If you would like to chat about any of these roles please contact Bintu, Community and Student Rights Officer and Deputy Returning Officer for this election: or take a look at the Job Descriptions for each role – listed under full time and part time in the main menu of this site. 

The Results are in



The Results are in…

After 983 votes, UEA students have decided that the Union’s Full Time Officer roles need to change!


Students voted 906 to 47 in favour of changing the Officer Structure from four to five officers and 598 to 346 against the role of President.


This means that for the upcoming Student Officer elections, students will be voting for a team of 5 Full Time Officers to represent them next academic year.


The new roles will be:

  • Undergraduate Education Officer
  • Postgraduate Education Officer
  • Welfare, Community & Diversity Officer
  • Student Activities & Opportunity Officer
  • Campaigns & Democracy Officer


If you are interested in running to become one of these officers, nominations open on Monday 24th February at 9am. You’ll be able to pick up a nomination pack from Union House reception from the 24th. If you would like to talk about running then you can chat to one of the current Full Time Officers:


Louise Withers Green – Academic Officer –

Rosie Rawle – Communications Officer –  

Bintu Foday – Community and Student Rights Officer –

Joe Levell – Finance Officer –


Bintu will also be the Deputy Returning Officer for the upcoming elections and will be available to answer any questions or queries you might have about running in the election or about running to be a Part Time Officer.


The timetable for the main elections will be as follows:

Monday 24th February – Nominations Open

Wednesday 5th March – Nominations Close

Thursday 6th and Friday 7th March – Compulsory Candidate Training

Monday 10th March – Election Campaigning begins

Wednesday 13th March – Voting Opens

Monday 17th March – Voting Closes


Bintu Foday, Deputy Returning Officer, said:

“The students of UEA have spoken and have made clear that whilst they want change they don’t want a President. I want to thank everyone in the campaign teams, the staff and volunteers who have helped in the process, and the students who voted for their energy and enthusiasm in making the referendum such a success. Elections for the new positions will now take place in a few weeks time”

Officer Restructure Referendum


In accordance with the Union of UEA Students Constitution, two proposals concerning the structures of the Union have been referred to referendum for decision.

The proposals are as follows:

Proposal One

Amendment to the Constitution and Bye-Laws
At present the Union’s Full Time Officer Structure is as follows:

  • Finance Officer
  • Community & Student Rights Officer
  • Academic Officer
  • Communications Officer

The proposal is to change this as follows:
Amend clause 26.1 of the Constitution to “not more than 5 Full-time Student Officers, elected in accordance with Clause 27”.

Amend clause 27 of the Constitution to “Up to five Full-time Student Officers shall be elected by secret ballot by the ordinary members of the Union at an election to be held in accordance with the Bye-Laws. All elected Full-time Student Officers shall be Trustees”

Bye Laws

Delete Bye-Law 3 preamble, 3.1-3.4 and 3.16 and replace with the following (renumbering as appropriate):

All Full Time Officers shall:

  • Take a coordinating lead on issues whilst being careful to involve other sabbatical officers and members of the Student Officer Committee;
  • Contribute positively to joint Union events, projects and meetings;
  • Be accountable to the Union Council, reporting to each meeting on activity and achievements;
  • Maximise contact with students by engaging with them face to face and online;
  • Monitoring key issues and problems affecting the student population and ensuring the Union is acting on these;
  • Plan, promote, and run campaigns on key student issues;
  • Represent students on University Boards, Committees and working groups;
  • Promote group and team objectives and the campaign priorities to students, and reporting on progress;
  • Adhere to and comply with Constitution, Bye-Laws and policies of the Students’ Union;
  • Be Trustees of the Union (where eligible in charity law) having legal responsibility for the Union;
  • Be Directors of the Union’s subsidiary companies (where eligible in company law) having legal responsibility for the Union’s commercial services;
  • Be employees of the Union for the duration of their term in office, their terms and conditions of employment set by the Trustee Board;
  • Begin their term in office on July 1st, and shall have a transitional period of employment lasting no more than 10 working days prior to July 1st for the purpose of training only.

One Full-Time Officer, appointed by the Management Committee, to the position of lead delegate for NUS National Conference.

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The Results Are In!

The results are in for the NUS Delegate Elections, Blurred Lines Referendum and GSA Masters Rep election! Thank you to everyone who participated!

NUS Delegate Election Results

There were a total of 975 of valid votes in this year’s NUS Delegate Elections

Your delegates to NUS conference are:

Dan Wrigglesworth


Evie Forster


Elliot Folan


Rachel Knott



Blurred Lines Referendum

A phenomenal total of 2227 votes were cast in the Blurred Lines Referendum! Congratulations for your stomping engagement in democracy!

The results were: YES: 24.79% (552 votes) No: 75.21% (1675 votes)

So this means that there will be no withdrawal of the song ‘Blurred Lines’ from Union Facilities.


GSA Masters Rep:

A total of 238 valid votes were cast. 

Your new GSA Masters Rep is:

Leonie Dackham 





Thanks to everyone for voting!