Democratic Procedures Committee

The Democratic Procedures Committee, (DPC), is a brand new elected committee that aims to strengthen democracy in our Union. The goal is to make our Union Council more accessible, our elections bigger and bolder, and recruit more reps!

There are nine elected members of DPC, four of which get elected in even years and five in odd years. They all serve two-year terms, October to October, and we will be electing 4 members this year. The Campaigns and Democracy Officer also sits on this committee to ensure close working with the Student Officer team.

This is a new committee and it will build and define its role during its first year.

Role Description:

The DPC shall:

  • Be responsible for development of and promotion of the Union’s democratic procedures, with particular reference to elections and Union Council;
  • Advise on and develop the union’s Constitution and Bye-Laws;
  • Structure and run Union Council in such a way as to guarantee the accessibility of proceedings for members;
  • Hold open sessions wherever possible;
  • Produce a report on its action to Council and other bodies as appropriate, and recommend improvements to the running of Council and other bodies as appropriate;
  • Annually report on endeavours designed to meet its duty to structure and run procedures in such a way as to guarantee accessibility;
  • Elect from their own number, a chairperson.


How much time will I have to commit?

We expect that you will be busiest in this role during the start of the academic year as we recruit and train new Councilors, and also during Elections in Term 2. Throughout the year, it is likely that you will attend regular meetings on a fortnightly basis, to monitor constitutional changes and policy implementation. However, priority projects may vary, and can be built by the committee.

What are the powers of this body?

You will be advising and reporting your recommendations to our Union Council, the legislature of our Union, for them to act upon!

What will I get out of it?

As part of this committee, you will be of central importance to ensuring that our Union is run democratically! You’ll gain skills in managing a constitution, democratic processes, and both event promotion and organization. This experience will give you a strong knowledge of not only organization as it stands, but you will be helping to reform the future of the Union’s Democracy!




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